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Moles and Pigmentation:

Melanoma are deadly and if you have any doubts consult an expert doctor immediately.

Moles are very common. They may be flat or elevated. Sometimes they grow hairs. The most important feature however is pigmentation – a brown discoloration of the overlying skin. When should you be suspicious of a mole?

Recent appearance of pigmentation. Pigmentation that becomes darker, Itching or irritation.

Bleeding Growth in size especially a growth spurt A mole which was once flat becoming raised.

If you are concerned about the above or any other changes you should consult with us.



Consultation fee: Private Patients & Insurance Holders €100


Surgeons Fee:  Insurance Holders: Nil, Private Patients from €150


Facility Fee of €150 Payable on the day for insured patients, non insured patients given an overall cost. 


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